Students' Services

Student Facilities and Services

The university provides facilities such as libraries, housing accommodations, financial assistance, cafeteria food service and sport activities to all students to inspire ambitions in a nurturing learning environment.

Library facilities

The library of the University of Zakho is dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the university by providing access to both traditional and digital scholarly resources. The university has paid special attention to its library by providing it with an adequate budget to enrich its collections of books, periodicals and other information resources. It offers its services to the university community including the students, the faculty members, and the administrative staff, in addition to the re- searchers from outside the university and from other universities in Kurdistan. In the near feature the university plans to implement a modern library system where students and researchers can access information using audiovisual materials and computers for electronic and internet services.

Internet Services

Internet services provide a wide range of facilities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students who have their own laptop will find wireless connection to the internet and university network available across campus.

Financial Assistance

The University of Zakho provides all students on equal opportunity basis free education. It also provides free accommodation to students from outside Zakho city. Furthermore, the university financially support students by awarding them monthly a reasonable budget to cover some of their expenses.

Cafeteria Food Services

The cafeterias at the University of Zakho provide meals for students, academic and administration staffs and can be accessed at any time during the opening hours of the university. All meals are offered at reduced prices and the student can select from a large varieties of foods ranging from fast food to a full meal.