A Message from the President

University Presidency

Asst. Prof. Dr. Lazgin A. Jamil is the president of the University of Zakho, dedicated all his efforts to establish a professional, highly accredited university for the beautiful city of Zakho in order to fulfill the requirements of modernizing our society and to catch up with up to date technology and go side by side with the most developed and leading societies in the world. Prof. Jamil as the university president, is the chief executive officer of the university, overseeing all operations from academic affairs and international initiatives, to enrollment and student life, manages the executive staff in areas of academic affairs, budget and finance, employee services, legal counsel, communications and government relations and setting future goals and directions for the university. He also acts as a national and international ambassador for the university. He acts on behalf of the University Council, which delegates its authority to him.

The establishment of the University of Zakho was a new vision and a long term strategy that coincided with our higher education reforming process which was undertaken by the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Our mission is to achieve a quality teaching and an advanced scientific research which will improve the learning outcomes and training programs, protect the rights of the students, improve the status of the teaching staff, and elevate the standards of teaching by implementing the teaching quality assurance program and continuing the academic development. Furthermore, the establishment of a new split-site program with various centers of excellence in various parts of the world will improve the standards of our graduates and open new communication avenues with these worldwide recognized universities and research centers that will participate in the internationalization process of the university and the development of UoZ teaching staff via common supervision of postgraduate projects, carrying joint research projects as well as short and long term visits between partner universities. On the behalf of the UoZ staff, I am pleased to invite you to visit the website of UoZ, and I hope you will find some useful information, news, and other university activities. In addition, we hope that the website of the University of Zakho will open doors for students and academics to visit UoZ. Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated and useful for the development of the University of Zakho and its website.

Dr. Lazgin A. Jamil
President of the University of Zakho