Journals of UoZ

University Mission

The mission of the University of Zakho is defined by three axes:

  1. Education: Two rounds of Education are provided:
    • Basic education (Bachelor) studies
    • Postgraduate (Master and PhD) Studies
    In addition to these two rounds, additional programs of scientific, interdisciplinary and professional specialization, such as Programs to support the education of new Researchers, Lifelong Learning Programs, etc., are provided to continuously cover the needs of science and society.
  2. Research:
    Basic and applied scientific research is carried out, inter/nationally, by all Departments and Scientific Staff of the University and is being exploited at international, national, regional and local level through various publications, conferences and projects.
  3. Social contribution: The University Community has a sense of responsibility for:
    • Contributions and interventions at national level.
    • Offering and supporting local communities and contributing to the development of the regions where the University is located at educational, cultural and developmental level.

University Vision

To consolidate and further strengthen University of Zakho position in inter/national academic environment and to increase its attractiveness - under conditions of economic crisis - in order to strengthen the institutional, developmental and social cohesion of the Kurdistan Region-Iraq.