University Activities

The University of Zakho integrates the academic, social and community spheres of the students’ lives into a vibrant and youthful atmosphere. There are continuous activities and programs for students and academic staff of the university to be involved in ranging from the annual celebrations on the university calendar (most of which are organized by the university and some of them run by the students themselves) to the annual university student picnics. Other activities within the universities calendar are, book exhibitions, folk exhibitions, conferences, workshops and seminars offered for their benefit and participation. Each year, the academic staff and students of the Department of English Language perform a play in English to the local residents of Zakho City. Most recently, the students presented William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”. Another important activity at the University of Zakho are sport activities which provides separate sports facilities and activities for male and female students under the supervision of the university sport body; organizes tournaments among the faculty teams in sports such as football, handball, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and chess. In addition, each year there is the University Day on 25th of April, which all students and academic staff celebrate. Accordingly, the University of Zakho is participating in a 16 Days campaign to combat family violence under the motto “From Peace at Home to Peace in the Society”. In this campaign, a variety of events had been held to educate students about how to establish a peaceful family life.