About The College:

Welcome to the University of Zakho, College of Medicine. There are several exciting and fulfilling inventions taking place in the college of Medicine as we actively strive to achieve excellence in our missions of integrated medical education system, research, and healthcare and community service to Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
The College of Medicine at University of Zakho was established in September 2018. We are an academic medical institute dedicated to provide outstanding learning education system and training with very early clinical experiences in order to generate highly medical qualified, and caring excellent physicians. Zakho Medical College aims to integrate the learning of basic and clinical sciences from an early stage of training, based on a platform of professionalism.
Therefore, integration system is one of the important key for medical education because basic science learning is placed in the context of clinical and professional practice and is considered by students to be more meaningful and relevant. It seeks to break down the barriers between the subject areas in order to provide students with better learning opportunities that facilitate the development of knowledge that is relevant and meaningful to clinical practice, deep and retrievable, and amenable to alteration, updating, and development as a part of an on-going process of lifelong learning.


Our core vision is to graduate doctors who will work through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge. The College will strive to be one of the foremost Medical Colleges in the Federal Kurdistan Region – Iraq Republic offering an educational program leading to the MBChB degree. Through excellence, we will integrate education system, practice in health, medical research and social accountability to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for people in the region.


The expected mission of this college in Zakho is to raise the standard of health in this area by producing physicians who will work in hospitals and would be involved in community programs to provide better quality of management, to combat health problems, and work with other health agencies in the region in their preventive and curative services.

Academic Departments:

1. Department of Medical Education Development
2. Department of Biomedical Science

College Council:

1. Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil - Acting Dean
2. Dr. Basheer Ali Abdi - Vice Dean
3. Dr. Ahmad Hamdi Ibrahim - Head of the Department of Medical Education Development
4. Dr. Ibrahim Abdulqader Naqid - Head of the Department of Biomedical Science